Microsoft Cloud Azure Certification Training Course in Amritsar

We undertake cloud azure classes in Amritsar where the complete practical skills are imparted among the trainees and it’s only during this period, the individual learns to master his skills in this field where you can practically learn how Azure runs on various tools and other platforms and later on use the same skill in your professional field. For a cloud computing training institute, opt for the place where you can sharpen up your skills and choose this field as a Great career in the years to come.

Why Choose Zinfo Way Technology for Cloud Azure Training in Punjab

At Zinfo Way Technology we have highly skilled as well as professional experts who are experienced will boost up your efficiency and skill set in a way that will help you to get your dream job at your desired organization. By attending the course for cloud AZURE, one can step ahead in establishing a strong career at the later stage as most of the IT organizations all over the globe are looking forward to welcome onboard trained individuals on AZURE cloud technologies. Best cloud Azure training company in Amritsar, Our cloud Azure training with certification will embark on you to greater career venture and you can establish an excellent career for yourself as this field is ever-growing and ever demanding.

AWS-Cloud Computing

  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • AWS Global Infrastructure and its benefits
  • EC2 and EC2 Instances
  • Amazon EC2
  • Storage Services and AWS CLI
  • Virtual Private Cloud & Direct Connect
  • Database Services
  • Elastic Load Balancing & Auto Scaling
  • Route 53 & Management Tools
  • Application Services, AWS Lambda & Elastic Beanstalk
  • OpsWorks, Security & Identity Services
  • Project

Azure-Microsoft Cloud

  • Summarize Cloud and its features
  • Relate different Cloud Models
  • Classify different Cloud Services
  • Categorize the Cloud vendors
  • Overview on Regions and Data Centre
  • List the features of Azure
  • Azure Services
  • Azure Management Portals
  • Customize Azure Portal
  • Building Application Infrastructure in Azure using Virtual Machines
  • Hosting Web Applications on the Azure Platform
  • SQL Data Storage in Azure
  • Designing Resilient Cloud Applications
  • Storing Unstructured Data in Azure
  • Storing and Consuming Files from Azure Storage
  • Designing a Communication Strategy by Using Queues and Service Bus
  • Automating Integration with Azure Resources
  • Azure Web Applications Security
  • DevOps in Azure

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