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Best Robotics Training Course in Amritsar

As it is clear from the name itself – Robot. Robotics technology or Engineering mainly deals with Development, Assembling and testing of Robotics System. The major fields of robotics include interfacing between human and Robot, programming, mobility as well as Sensors. Robotics certification course in Amritsar at Zinfo Way Technology where we improvise the practical knowledge as to how to design robotic systems with the effective and efficient use of CADD and CAM systems. We help to impart amongst the Trainees the necessary and essential skills required to be a Good Robotics Engineer. Robotics training in Amritsar from our organization will help you to develop the essential skills like system Thinking, Active Learning, Programming Mindset, Judgmental and Decision Making, Technology Designing required to become professional in this field.

Why Zinfo Way Technology is Best for Robotics Training in Punjab

The Robotics Engineering Arena over the past few years has gained immense popularity and has become one of the most promising fields with enormous job opportunities. Getting trained from leaders and experts in this field i.e. Zinfo Way Technology where we provide the required knowledge data manipulation, processing a transaction and triggering response with the help of Robotic Process Automation- the only one of its kind in Punjab at Zinfo Way Technology. Best robotics training company in Punjab is at our organization where immense knowledge is improvised which will help you to boost your career at a fast pace.

Robotics Training

  • Present and future scope of robotics
  • Types of robots
  • Application of robotics

Switch & Keypad Interfacing

  • Introduction to Switches & Keyboard Matrix
  • Interfacing Circuit of Switches & Keyboard Matrix
  • Programming of Keyboard Matrix & Switches
  • Controlling of LED’s by using Switches
  • Key board Matrix & LCD Interfacing Program

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