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Best PCB Designing Training Course in Amritsar

A printed circuit board (PCB) mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic components or electrical components using conductive tracks, pads, and other features etched from one or more sheet layers of copper laminated onto and/or between sheet layers of a non-conductive substrate. Our Company at Amritsar provides the best industrial training as we prefer to work on live projects

Course outline:

  • Intro to Electronics and Meet the Parts
  • Digital Concepts Primer, Units and Hands-On
  • Atomic Theory and other Spooky Phenomena
  • Understanding Current and Voltage
  • Understanding Current and Voltage - Part II
  • Series and Parallel Batteries and Circuit Analysis Teaser
  • Into the Abyss with AC/DC
  • Ohm's Law and Just a "Bit" of Power
  • Ohm's Law Deep Dive and Basic Circuit Analysis
  • Deciphering Resistor Color Codes and Meet the Capacitor
  • Inductors
  • Transformers - There's More to Inductors than Meets the Eye!
  • Manipulating Current with Diodes
  • "Manipulating Current with Diodes
  • Manipulating Current with Diodes
  • Switching States with Transistors
  • Understanding the Alien Language of MOSFETS
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Real DC Circuit Analysis
  • Kirchhoff's Laws and a Dash of Common Sense
  • Kirchhoff and Ohm vs. Basic Circuits
  • Voltage Dividers Up Close and Personal
  • Game Plan for Section 4.0
  • All About Mechanical Switches
  • Fun and Games with POTentiometers
  • Capacitors and AC Coupling
  • Working with Series and Parallel Capacitor Networks
  • Getting to Know RC Circuits
  • Exploring the Dark Side with Inductors
  • RC Circuit Review, Simulation with Matlab and Finally RL Derivations
  • Understanding I and V in RC and RL Circuits with E.L.I. and I.C.E.
  • Fire all Phasors - Reactance and the Math Behind Phasor Representations
  • Easing into Complex Impedance with Phasor/Reactance Diagrams
  • Imaginary Number Primer and Complex Phasors
  • Putting Complex Impedance to Work with RC Analysis, Simulation, and Bench Model
  • Phasor Analysis of an RL Voltage Divider Circuit
  • Using RL Circuits and Impedance Analysis to Illustrate Low and High Pass Filters
  • Bonus Round - Plugging AC Line Voltage in an RC Circuit
  • Frequency Domain Analysis of a Low Pass Filter
  • What's Up with Decibels and all this dB, dBm, and dBv Stuff?
  • Hands-on with Low Pass Filters and Frequency Response
  • Going to the Bench with High Pass Filters
  • The Dreaded Inductor - Round 1: Low Pass Filters
  • The Dreaded Inductor - Round 2: High Pass Filters
  • Building the Low/High Pass Filters
  • Diodes Reviewed and Starter Applications

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